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Graze Uniquely

Thoughtfully Crafted Charcuterie and Delicious Eats

for a Unique Catering Experience.

Charcuterie Boards, Grazing Tables, 

Corporate Lunches & Delectable Bites

Made with love + pride in Tampa Bay

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Memorable Food for Gifts or Gatherings


Life is hard. But feeding a crowd shouldn’t be.

Graze Uniquely provides simple yet elegant experiences for people who love good company and creative food.

Whether celebrating the new graduate, entertaining a holiday crowd, hosting a cocktail hour, planning your friend’s shower, or having a wine night in with the girls (because staying in can be more fun than going out!), charcuterie offers something for everyone who gathers.

Improve the Flavor of Life

A charcuterie board also makes the perfect gift to say- 

“Thank you for your business!” “Great job on that promotion.” “Welcome home!”


Good people deserve exceptional food.

Our Offerings

When you need to feed a crowd, a grazing table will please all palates. People may not remember the music at an event or the decor, but they do remember the food, and a grazing table is always in good taste!

30 person minimum at $600.00

Grazing Tables

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Corporate Lunches

For a meeting break or a catered work event, our signature lunchboxes offer a delicious and nourishing assortment of items to keep everyone happy, engaged, and motivated. 


Our boxes include a full-size gourmet sandwich, salad, seasonal fruit, two charcuterie skewers, crackers, chocolates, and cutlery. Your company’s logo can be included on the boxes. So unique and satisfying, your staff might request more meetings!

$35 per person

Minimum order of 5 boxes

Customize a grazing table with quiches, pastries, shrimp cocktail, yogurt parfait stations, sandwiches, salads, or an assortment of other delightful house-made items to give guests a classy, elevated grazing experience.

Small bites range between $2.50-$8.00 per person.


Small Bites & Brunchables


Boards & Boxes

When company is coming for a dinner party, holiday, or anytime gathering, our classic charcuterie boards bring people together around simply but elegantly displayed food. Not only are our boards beautiful, but they are created with the freshest ingredients and locally sourced foods when available. 

Our individual charcuterie boxes are filled with various types of meat, cheeses, dried and fresh fruits, sweet treats, and nuts. They are perfect for a baby shower, corporate event, wine tasting, networking gathering, or other get-togethers, where convenience matters as much as class.

Grazing Boxes

  • Mini 6x6 box (Serves up to 2 and minimum order of 2) $35 each

  • 8x8 box (Serves up to 3) $65

  • 10" Round (Serves up to 5) $100

Grazing Boards

  • 13" Round (Serves 7-10) $135

  • 16" Round (Serves up to 15) $165

  • 18" Round (Serves up to 20) $205

*Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are available for an additional charge to meet any dietary need.

Workshops & Private Classes

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One of the hottest tickets in Tampa is our charcuterie workshops! Held in partnerships with Armature Works, AR Workshop, and other Tampa Bay locations, discover new skills to design your own boards Our classes make the perfect creative team-building activity, date night, or girls’ nights out!


We can also bring a workshop to your home or business. 


In one of our classes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Style a sensational board.

  • Select complimentary charcuterie components

  • Use expert techniques to “ooh and ahh” your guests at your next gathering

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Follow our Facebook page to see upcoming events, and subscribe to our email list to be the first to know when our next workshop is scheduled.

About Jen Strom, Graze Uniquely Founder & Foodie


If someone had told me a few years ago, while I was working as a government employee, that my hobby of designing charcuterie boards for work gatherings would become a full-fledged, thriving business, I probably would have questioned their sanity!

Today, I can say my life has dramatically changed, because I followed my passion for gathering people around colorful, hand-selected, and flavorful food that creates conversation and connection. 

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I’d love to help you impress and enjoy your guests at your next party or event by taking away the stress of, “What will they eat?” Ensure smiles from everyone who attends - They’ll never forget how they grazed uniquely.

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Jen is amazing at what she does! She’s so honest and accommodating when it comes to what portions would make sense for the event you’re needing to plan. She did a wedding of about 70 guests for me, and she was kind enough to provide separate specialized arrangements for the vegan and vegetarian guests attending…The arrangement was truly beautiful and such a hit! 

-Meagan H.

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